About Delta
Welcome to Delta's webpage, we're a social leveling guild which will soon be adding raids to the guild itinerary. Feel free to make requests on our forum page, and add forth any W.o.W. related resolution to our forum.

Iniate members are on a 24 hour probation period before being allowing access to guild funds,
Novice members have access to guild funds as well as the materials vault access
There amount of activity will determine if they'll be full Officers
Sergeants will have access to the Bronze and Copper Tab, but Officers have access to copper vaults. Captains Have Access to Tab 3 which is the Silver Vault, as well as Bronze and Copper
Marshalls will have Access to Tab 4, The Gold Vault which will have items from Lich King Expansion
Tab 5 will also feature items from Lich king as well as green gear from Cataclysm for level 78-80, if you need to gear up and have been in the guild long enough, never member have to be friendly or honored in the guild to access 5, Tab 6 will be for members with Honored Reputation, and will have items of blue or Cata Epic Quality, which include the gems, these will be given access to certain Lord Generals, who act as assistant guildmasters, The idea is to prevent being Ninja'd If you need anything please contact me or my assistant, or post on the forum please.

Thank you and Have a happy 2011.

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